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PostSubject: Kamael   Sat Jan 05, 2008 8:36 am

Kamael were born in the Era of Myths. These mysterious creatures have preserved their own unique culture living within the confines of the Isle of Souls, a haven located to the west of the Dark Elf Village. They appeared on the continent under the guidance of the Gods. Unlike the other five races that were created by gods, it is speculated that they were created for the purpose of battling against some unknown creatures. They are born into their destined religion that serves an absolute ruler called the “Mother Nornil”. Under the Mother Nornil, they devote their faith in the Goddess of Past, who rules history, the Goddess of Present, who records everything happening at this moment, and the Goddess of Future, who forecasts what’s to come.

Special Abilities of the Race: Kamael have an affinity towards darkness. Because of this they can increase their own or decrease an enemy’s resistance to darkness, or bestow a darkness buff to their attacks. The Kamael can consume the souls of their enemies and turn the souls into energy to fuel their own skills. Most of their skills such as laying traps, buffs and magic can only be activated upon consuming a certain number of souls. The Kamael can only wear Light Armor, and when using recovery magic, a 60% penalty is applied.

Characteristics: The Kamael specialize in different classes according to their gender. They are classified as fighters by default; however, spell abilities are usable by absorbing souls.

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